Check Your Employees Eligibility to Drive – simply and effectively

TDi Licence-Check is an online Driving Licence Verification Service which will save you time, replace the burden of collecting paper records from your drivers and also support your corporate responsibilities as an employer under Duty of Care & Health & Safety legislation.

The Service

TDi Licence-Check electronic service programme uses the latest technology to allow you to check your employee’s UK driving licence details, status and credentials using DVLA record. It is a fully secure service which allows authorised user access at any level within your organisation and provides full driver and licence reports.


To comply with the Data Protection Act, an employee must consent to their licence details being checked. TDi Licence-Check obtains this permission by issuing a D796 Driver Mandate Consent Document or by obtaining e-consent from the employee or driver. Once received consent is valid for up to 3 years providing he/she remains within your employ or control and does not withdraw their consent, meaning that you can recheck the licence as often as required.

The Process

Once consent has been granted and the Consent Document has been submitted, TDi Licence-Check service is able to access the DVLALIVE” database via a dedicated secure Government Gateway connection. Licence information is then made available, in real time, to your portal account.

The licence results will;
  • Verify that the driver is licensed to drive
  • Verify the current endorsement status and penalty points (if any)
  • Confirm all category entitlements, including start and end dates
  • Provide warnings and Immediate Actions in case of expiries, revoked and disqualified drivers
  • and more…
The Cost

You are simply charged for how many licence checks you intend to make e.g. if you have 36 drivers and wish to check them once a year, you will be charged for 36 credits (1 credit = 1 check). You may of course purchase more credits at any time if your number of drivers or checks increases. Typically licence checks are carried out at least twice a year.

Price from £4.50 per check.

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