Vehicle Check App

Smart, simple and user friendly

The TDi vehicle checks app eliminates the need for paper defect reports; everything is stored and accessed online and can be viewed / actioned as soon as the check or incident has been submitted by the driver.

There’s almost no limit to what TDI vehicle checks app can do.

Reduce paperwork and improve data capture.

TDi’s new vehicle check mobile application allows drivers to communicate quickly and easily with the fleet department, reporting on nil defects, vehicle defects and accurate mileage readings. This simple to use standard web application can assist in reducing administration for the busy fleet department and provides better visibility of fleet location, mileage and individual vehicle checks.

Vehicle checks

The opening screen gives the options to force a:

  • Create a new check
  • Complete an accident report form
  • Sync with the server
  • Phone a pre programmed number

When new check or new accident are selected your GPS (if enabled/fitted) is activated allowing the app to record your location, it also records the date and time.

Selection Process

Drivers’ names and registration numbers are selected from drop down boxes; the registration number selected will determine the type of vehicle check required e.g. rigid refrigerated vehicle, artic or drawbar.

The vehicle odo reading must then be entered before you are allowed to continue.

Vehicles are added/edited via our online software and synchronised with the smart-phone as soon as the app is run.

Inspection Details

The items to be checked our listed with a large tick or cross and the done button can’t be pressed until all items have been checked. The app records the time of each individual check so drivers can’t quickly skip through the process.

The latest checks are stored on the device for 7 days in case the driver is asked to produce evidence of the vehicle check at the roadside.

The back office software gives you the ability to add or modify items to be inspected and the order that they are checked.

How it works?

Accessed via the Mobile data network or Wi-Fi, the vehicle check application allows drivers to search for their registration number, then record in real time that the check has been carried out and report any problems or defects with the vehicle. Trailers can be picked up later and a separate check carried out they can also be dropped at a different location and the gps will record where and the odometer reading of the unit.

This provides the fleet department with immediate notification of any issues, allowing them to manage the fleet by exception, focusing attention on vehicles or drivers which have not submitted regular checks. Capturing regular odometer reading will also help improve the accuracy of maintenance scheduling, especially for high mileage fleets.

Fault description

If the file box is selected a new screen open is allowing you to enter the fault description.

Photographing defects

You can also take photographs of any defects found if necessary; this is particularly useful if any damage is spotted by a new driver to the vehicle.

Incident / Accident reporting

The new accident form is very comprehensive. Listed are all relevant fields that are required to be recorded in the event of an accident. Photos can be taken and the location is recorded (if GPS enabled) before the accident report is submitted.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say:

The use of TDI’s three programmes, has streamlined and simplified our planning, defect management and driver legislation monitoring, not only saving precious time but also giving us a return on investment!

Luke Evans – Logistics Planner @ Go Direct Transport Limited

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“The beauty of this system is that when the driver Sync’s the App a Defect can be seen instantaneously from anywhere allowing not only the Transport Manager but also the Workshop to see live Defects and plan accordingly!”

Steve Coleman
FullForce Services Ltd